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  • Gifts are the best way to attract other users' attention!

    Gifts are pictures of gifts that you can send or receive from other users. If a user has received gifts, they will be displayed on his/her profile underneath the photo section. Gifts are visible to all registered users in our system. Gifts are a great way to get noticed by other users, or to just make someone smile! Gifts cost from 1-10 coins. Gifts will be displayed for between 30-60 days, depending on the price of the gift.

  • Give a gift

    Go to the profile of the person you would like to send a gift to. If this user has never received a gift before, you'll see this message: «Be the first to give this user a gift». Click this message. If the user has already received gifts, click on the plus sign to the left of them.

    Select a picture from the window that opens. Each picture is individually priced. Add a comment and click «Next». If everything is correct, click «Pay using account».

  • See who sent a gift

    Every gift that you receive will be displayed on your page. When you receive a new gift, you will also receive a notification in the «My messages» section.

    Hover over the picture of the gift, and a small window will appear displaying the photo, name and age of the user who sent you that gift.

    If there are too many gifts to display on one line, all gifts will automatically be «minimized». To see them all, click the «More» button to the right hand side of the line of gifts.

  • Delete a gift or a message with a gift

    You cannot delete gifts. Gifts will automatically disappear within a certain period of time (between 30-60 days, depending on the cost of the gift).

    However, you can delete the greeting message that comes with a gift. Hover over the gift, and click «Delete greeting message» in the window that opens.

  • Potential problems with gifts

    If you can't find the plus sign or the «Be the first to give this user a gift» link on the profile of the user you would like to send a gift to, it could be because JavaScript is disabled on your browser. Please go to your browser settings and enable JavaScript.

    One other possible explanation is that the user has placed you in his/her «Ignored» folder. If this is the case, unfortunately you cannot do anything. Please try to be more polite to other users in the future.

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